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A Correlational Study of Servant Leadership and Employee Job Satisfaction in New York City Public Hospital Emergency Rooms

by Dustaff Persaud

Institution: Grand Canyon University
Year: 2015
Keywords: Business Administration, Management; Sociology, Organizational; Health Sciences, Health Care Management
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2122454
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The purpose of this correlational, quantitative research study was to determine if a relationship existed between employee perceived levels of servant leadership in healthcare leaders and employee satisfaction in New York City public hospital emergency rooms. The effect of servant leadership on improving employee satisfaction in New York City public hospital emergency rooms (ER) was unknown. The theoretical foundation of the study, servant leadership, supported the premise that employee perceptions of servant leadership characteristics influenced employee job satisfaction within public hospital settings in New York City. One hundred and seventeen employees completed the Organizational Leadership Assessment and the Minnesota Survey Questionnaire, and the data were analyzed through the utility of SPSS v. 19. The results revealed a statistically significant relationship between servant leadership and employee general job satisfaction (r = .191; p < 0.05). The findings of this research study are important with regard to the following areas: (a) providing information to healthcare administrators regarding the usefulness of servant leadership in the improvement of employee and patient satisfaction, (b) creating a positive working environment for employees, (c) creating satisfied employees and patients, and (d) improving organizational performance.. The study adds to the research in the area of servant leadership and its potential to impact healthcare organizations and people. Keywords: servant leadership, employee satisfaction, patient satisfaction.