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The rule of contraction: a manuscript of sequential prose poems with an introduction

by Blas Bonné de

Institution: University of Tennessee – Chattanooga
Year: 2016
Keywords: American poetry  – 21st century; Prose poems, American
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2124616
Full text PDF: http://scholar.utc.edu/theses/453


The prose poem is a hybrid form firmly rooted in 19th century French literary tradition, and later adopted by British and American poets. Questions as to genre arise when critically assessing possible formulaic divisions demonstrated by various techniques and tropes within fiction and poetry. The creative portion of this thesis consists of the complete manuscript of sequential prose poems constituting Bonné A. de Blas’s chapbook, The Rule of Contraction. The introductory essay discusses the history of the modern prose poem, as well as the questions of genre surrounding its form, and describes the influences of the New Prose Poem and elliptical poetics as they informed the writing of The Rule of Contraction. Advisors/Committee Members: Braggs, Earl, Hampton, Bryan, Arnett, James, College of Arts and Sciences.