New Bridge Keepers:

by PY Oskam

Institution: Delft University of Technology
Year: 2016
Keywords: minimal intervention; bridge houses; participation; social design; boezem system; Holland water kingdom
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2131756
Full text PDF: http://resolver.tudelft.nl/uuid:9a5b9a89-d591-435a-b004-3b043166267b


The project concerns a minimal spatial design that re-invents the watersystem in South-Holland by connecting waterways with roads through social use. The water system of Holland functions not only as a very imporant structure to keep our feet dry, as well as a vital transport organ and recreational layer. Because of the developments in the past century, the water system is mainly taken over by train and car infrastructures. As a result, vacancy and water systems correlate (such as: bridge control houses). The intertwinement of the Dutch water system with the geo-morphological, natural, social-economical and historical context of the Netherlands make the intersection of the water and ways (bridge) an interesting occasion to (re)root the urban layer (the Randstad) with its underlaying context. How can vacant areas be transformed into a valuable resource for this problem? In this thesis, a design solution will be presented that will clearify and reintergrate this lost connection. Advisors/Committee Members: Van Loon, F.D., Van den Burg, L.J.P., Geraedts, R.P..