Eye Tracking based Driver Fatigue Monitoring and Warning System

by Hardeep Singh Dhillon

Institution: PEC University of Tech Chandigarh
Department: ECE
Degree: Master's Degree
Year: 2010
Posted: 04/14/2017
Record ID: 2150661
Full text PDF: http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/5728062/


The Project entitled “Eye Tracking based Driver Fatigue Monitoring and Warning System” consists of the hardware and the software modules. The main idea behind this project is to develope a non-intrusive system which can detect fatigue of driver and issue a timely warning. Since large number of road accidents are caused by driver drowsiness. Hence this system will be helpful in preventing many accidents, and consequently save money and reduce personal suffering. This system will detect eye movement to detect the fatigue state of driver. By monitoring the eyes using camera and developing an algorithm we can detect symptoms of driver fatigue early enough to avoid an accident. So this project will be helpful in detecting driver fatigue in advance and will gave a warning output in form of sound and vibration. For indication of warning we will use two approaches i.e one by blowing alarm and second by seat belt vibration whose frequency will vary between 100 to 300 Hzs. Moreover the warning will be deactivated manually rather than automatically. So for this purpose a deactivation switch will be used to deactivate warning. Moreover if driver felt drowsy there is possibility of sudden acceleration or de-acceleration hence we can judge this by plotting a graph in time domain and when all three input variables shows a possibility of fatigue at one moment then a warning signal is shown in form of text or red colour circle. This will directly give an indication of drowsiness/fatigue which can be further used as record of driver performance or can be used by traffic police which can take further action accordingly.