The Effects of Calling and Vocational Presence and Search onPsychological Well-Being

by April M O'Neal

Institution: Bowling Green State University
Year: 2017
Keywords: Organizational Behavior; Organization Theory; Psychology; Education; Business Administration; Business Education; Calling; Calling Presence; Calling Search; Vocation; Well-Being
Posted: 02/01/2018
Record ID: 2155257
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This study was a quantitative exploration of 13calling and vocational constructs related to calling presence,search and actualization to determine which best predictedpsychological well-being. For this study, calling was defined usingthe definition established by Dik and Duffy (2009) and its threecomponent parts: (1) an external summons, (2) viewing ones work asa source of purpose or meaning, and (3) having a prosocialorientation or using ones work to help others. Forward multipleregression analyses revealed that Search for Calling and Presenceof Prosocial Orientation were the best predictors of well-being.Further, group differences were explored using the callingcategories: calling diffusion, calling foreclosure, callingmoratorium, and calling achievement (see Table 1). Results revealedthat individuals who were high in searching for a calling hadsignificantly lower levels of psychological well-being if they alsohad low levels of calling presence (Calling Moratorium Category).The hope of the researcher is that these as well as previousresearch findings lead to the future study of additional aspects ofcalling and psychological well-being.Advisors/Committee Members: Vannatta Reinhart, Rachel (Advisor).