High Quality of Service in SDN : Bandwidth gurantee with QoS

by Emma Andersson

Institution: Hgskolan i Halmstad
Year: 2017
Keywords: QoS; Quality of Service; SDN; Software Definied Networking; DSCP; DiffServ; OpenFlow; Communication Systems; Kommunikationssystem
Posted: 02/01/2018
Record ID: 2170639
Full text PDF: http://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:hh:diva-35083


Video streaming through IP networks has risen rapidly over the recent years, and will continue to do so over the coming years. In addition to this, new technologies such as Virtual Reality and robotics will lead to many new applications that will put high pressure on the networks. To combat these challenges, networks need to be application sensitive, and be able to provide Quality of Service (QoS) based on requirement. Network paradigms like Software Defined Networking (SDN) enables the network to be directly programmable, and could thus solve the challenge. In this thesis, the objective is to research if SDN can provide High QoS. Methods are developed to achieve High QoS with SDN. A combination of Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) values and DSCP remarking with Meters are used enable High QoS and together they can give bandwidth guarantee. As a result of the thesis, a solid theoretical method is provided for achieving QoS, tests are performed and show that QoS can be implemented in SDN, but it is unable to implement High QoS due to the lack of implementation for Meters with DSCP remarking.