Influencer marketing on YouTube: How to collaborate with Russian video bloggers

by Ekaterina Ivanova

Institution: Theseus
Year: 2017
Posted: 02/01/2018
Record ID: 2186969
Full text PDF: http://www.theseus.fi/handle/10024/125050


The purpose of this research was to develop a step-by-step guide for implementing influencer marketing on Russian YouTube. Firstly, the phenomenon of influencer marketing is explained with fundamental marketing theories. Afterwards, the whole process of cooperation with a video blogger is presented, including initiation, carrying out and closing the project.The information was gathered from literature, articles, magazines, infographics, case studies, reports, online blogs, videos and conferences. The authors proficiency in the field complemented the findings as well. The empirical research included interviews with an experienced advertiser and top video bloggers from Russia. In addition, an online survey for YouTube viewers was held. More than 1 500 people participated the survey.The author identified some of the most innovative collaboration techniques and provided practical advice together with real life examples. As a result, an influencer marketing strategy on Russian YouTube was suggested. This thesis can be used by any foreign company as a pattern for formulating an own promotion plan for approaching Russian audience online.