Firearm Assault Perpetration in King County: A Case-Control Study of Antecedent Sentinel Events

by Chi Yang Chuang

Institution: University of Washington
Year: 2018
Keywords: Case Control Study; Firearm Perpetration; Gun Violence; Sentinel Events; Public health; Health services
Posted: 02/01/2018
Record ID: 2219029
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1773/40913


Background: Sentinel events preceding firearm perpetration events could be potential points of intervention to prevent injury and death related to firearm in King County. Objective: To compare risks of firearm perpetration among perpetrators of violent crime, and compare risk of fatal shootings among firearm perpetrators of violent crime. Study Design: Case-control study. Setting and Subjects: Study was conducted in 7 police jurisdiction encompassing 95% of all firearm violent crime cases from 2006 2016 within King County, Washington. Cases were individuals who perpetrated with a firearm, and control were individuals who perpetrated without a firearm. Additionally, fatal shootings were defined firearm crimes where the victims deceased, and nonfatal shootings were firearm crimes where victims did not decease. Result: There were 208 firearm perpetrators and 738 non-firearm perpetrators identified for the study, with 55 fatal shootings and 153 nonfatal shootings. Between firearm perpetrators and non-firearm perpetrators, significant risk factors include juvenile criminal history, adult criminal history, history of firearm injury, education, and number of co-offenders. Between fatal and nonfatal shootings, fatal shooting is associated with type of firearm, history of criminal conviction, drug and alcohol intoxication, and previous exposure to firearm injury. Conclusion: Previous criminal history is associated with an increased risk for firearm perpetration and fatal shootings. Further research should be conducted on interventions and prevention strategies in the criminal justice system, law enforcement agencies, public health institutions, and hospital settings.Advisors/Committee Members: Rowhani-Rahbar, Ali (advisor).