Risk Management in Public Sector Construction Projects: Case studies in Lesotho

by Molefi Nketekete

Institution: Nelson Mandela University
Department: Construction Management
Degree: Master's Degree
Year: 2016
Keywords: Risk management; Construction Industry; Lesotho
Posted: 03/01/2020
Record ID: 2222207
Full text PDF: http://vital.seals.ac.za:8080/vital/access/manager/Repository/vital:26900?site_name=GlobalView/


Risk management (RM) is a knowledge area in project management (PM). The challenges of project complexity require astute RM. However, RM practices in Lesotho appear to lag behind international trends. Within the sub-Sahara African region, RM incompetence affects timely delivery of public projects owing to PM practices that do not address risks. This study, which adopts a case study approach, unravels the „how and why‟ of contemporary RM practices which are lacking in Lesotho, despite a poor record of project success in the construction industry. Through the reviewed literature and primary data collection, this study investigates three elements in order to determine the level of RM practice within Lesotho public sector construction projects. These elements were the basis of RM, the RM processes, and the peoples‟ perceptions which were essentially centred on the probability of risk and the impact thereof. The results from the study achieved through cross-case synthesis show that the level of RM practice in the Lesotho public sector construction projects is at variance with international practice. The notable gaps in practice include construction professionals who do not know about or who have not practiced project RM. The study thus propose that the Government of Lesotho (GoL) should invest in educating more people in the areas of construction project management or engage professionals with extensive project RM experience. The recommended initiatives should promote professionalism and accountability that are essential for bracing the RM practice in public sector construction projects.