AbstractsGeography &GIS


Role of urban planning and management in Hyderabad is becoming more and more crucial due to the dramatic increase in urban population and allied urban problems. Hyderabad is experiencing a rapid urbanization rate and becoming one of most developed cities in India. Urbanization contributes many advantages in terms of economics, but if uncontrolled, would produce negative consequences to the physical, social and natural environment. With the advancement of Geographical Information System (GIS), which considerably influenced the dynamic nature of urban and regional planning, incorporation of GIS becomes imperative for better and improved decision-making in urban planning and management. It offers a solution to the urban problems and decision-making, which is more reliant to the real-time spatial modeling. The integration of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing has provided a tool, which can contribute to much clearer understanding of real planning problems as well as prescriptive planning scenarios to enhance the quality of urban planning and management.