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Militarization and State Power in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Case Study of Israel, 1948-1982

by Eligar Sadeh

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Institution: Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Advisor(s): Amnon Sella
Degree: Master of Arts and Sciences, Department of International Relations
Year: 1994
Volume: 176 pages
ISBN-10: 0965856461
ISBN-13: 9780965856461


A set of propositions and an accompanying theoretical framework that explains the cause-effect linkages between intrastate and interstate power realization that are characterized by militarization are developed. This model establishes the foundation for an explanation of how such power is used to deal with the state's Janus-faced security dilemma. To this end, the model provides the tools needed for such an inquiry from a conceptual and typological standpoint. The goal is to explain how the internal aspect of state power shapes the external one. It was determined that Israel and the primary Arab confrontation states provide important test cases based on the intense interplay prevalent between militarization processes and state power.