The Invisible Farm

The worldwide decline of farm news and agricultural journalism training

by Thomas F. Pawlick

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Institution: Carleton University
Advisor(s): George Frajkor
Degree: Master of Journalism
Year: 1996
Volume: 232 pages
ISBN-10: 1581120222
ISBN-13: 9781581120226


The overall aim of this thesis is to alert journalists and journalism educators to a serious lacuna in current news coverage, one which threatens the well-being of society. Simply stating that a gap in coverage exists, without giving examples, would be unlikely to convince members of such a notoriously skeptical profession. Newsmen and women, it seems, are all "from Missouri." They want to be shown.

Part I. The importance of agriculture to society and of farm news to the general public

Part II. The importance assigned to agriculture by the major news media and journalism educators.