Literary Arts

A Connective Exploration of Direct Application and the Building of a New Foundation of Knowledge for Global Human Development

by Colin Randolf Semeniuk

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Institution: University of Canterbury
Advisor(s): Dr. Jane Allison, Dr. Paul Allenfold
Degree: Doctorate of Arts
Year: 2006
Volume: 33 pages
ISBN-10: 1581123450
ISBN-13: 9781581123456


Literary arts have developed, and continue to evolve with the modern human species. These historical based developments have been segregated into pseudo-cultures and pseudo-traditions in support of political myths utilized to inspire fears and justify regulated legislation and beliefs through ancient myth based symbolism reinforced through commercialized arts that misrepresent historical fact based upon scientific technology and know-how. Furthermore, the educational systems of established and recognized governing bodies exclude scientific based truth in favor of the corrupt foundation of "political-correct"[1] cultural acceptance bound to cultural understanding based upon distorted mythology and propagandized traditions. This exclusion is intended to promote fear through misunderstanding and propagate control of the masses. This fear excludes groups of humans from one another and limits the ability of two human species to utilize the literary arts to solve problems in every area of academia and practical living. Furthermore, this continued misuse of the literary arts violates and inhibits the further development of the psychological reasoning-ability of the human species and causes further development of inappropriate growth models that aim toward destruction due to their falsely based premises leading to wars against other segregated groups and the destructive exploitation of nature.

This dissertation will explain the interdisciplinary issues connected to the literary arts indicated in the problem above. In the process of this explanation, the general background of the Literary Arts will be examined and explained for laymen and scholars. Finally through use of working examples, this dissertation will show how literary arts are useful in rectifying these problems by helping to build a new foundation of knowledge for the global human species as the species faces universal development.