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Visualization of Interface Metaphor for Software

An Engineering Approach

by Dinesh S. Katre

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Institution: Birla Institute of Technology and Science
Advisor(s): Dr. Mukul K. Sinha
Degree: Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction
Year: 2005
Volume: 221 pages
ISBN-10: 1599423774
ISBN-13: 9781599423777


This book presents a comprehensive process for visualization of interface metaphor for software. It is helpful in designing interactive user interfaces with magical super-affordances and definitive user experiences. As per the ancient Indian Vedic literature, metaphors are always conceived out of Vastu (entities having existence in our world). The visualization process given in the book shows how metaphorization could help in innovating highly experiential user interfaces, as one can create Avastu (non entities) by combining different objects and imaginative properties together. The main highlights of this process are selection and dissection of interface metaphor, pre-facto analysis, qualitative and quantitative evaluation, mapping between user and application domain lexicons, specialized set of usability heuristics and remote usability testing. The steps of this process are integrated with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It shows the interdependence of form and function and its seamless fusion during software engineering. User experience designers can apply this process for designing websites, online applications, personal computer software, e-learning, computer games, virtual interactive worlds, public access systems, mobile and tablet applications.

About The Author

Dinesh S. Katre is the Head and Programme Coordinator of Human-Centered Design and Computing Group at C-DAC, Pune, India. He is the principle designer of many software, multimedia and educational products. He is the editor of the book Human Work Interaction Design: Usability in Social, Cultural and Organizational Contexts (2010), and has been an invited speaker and organizer of many international and national conferences related to usability and HCI. He has a Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) from Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani and a Master of Design from Industrial Design Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.