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A Study of the Effects of Abortion in the United States

The Reasoning Behind Abortions and Improving Access to Care

by Rudolph Gurtovnik

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Institution: Strayer University
Advisor(s): Dr Steven L. Jordan, Sr., Ph.D.
Degree: Master of Health Services Administration
Year: 2008
Volume: 97 pages
ISBN-10: 1599427028
ISBN-13: 9781599427027


This research study examines legal, political, and social factors influencing women's decisions to undergo or forego abortion. It also suggests ways to increase accessibility of abortion services. Due to time and budgetary constraints, the study was conducted by utilizing secondary data, such as academic studies, scholarly publications, and newspaper articles. Studies have shown that common reasons for women having abortions are financial difficulties, rape/incest, and fear of life change. Barriers to abortion include lack of adequate information on abortion services or proper contraception use, fear of pain, geographic barriers, and state legislation. Factors that affect utilization of abortion include medical technology, anti-abortion movements, and laws limiting provision of abortion, as well as religion and public opinion.

About The Author

Rudolph Gurtovnik graduated from Strayer University with a Master in Health Services Administration in 2008. Rudolph also holds two Bachelor's degrees in Music Production and Engineering and Music Synthesis from Berklee College of Music. Rudolph has had extensive experience in both clinical as well as non-clinical roles within the health care field. Rudolph has conducted numerous studies on the topics of electronic health records, for-profit and not-for-profit hospitals, the nursing shortage, the effects of work-related stress on health, managed care, senior citizen care, and accessibility of abortion services. Rudolph has also visited a multitude of hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. At the time of this writing, Rudolph Gurtovnik is employed at Fletcher Allen Health Care as a registration representative. Through his work experience, Rudolph interacts with a variety of patients, providers, and insurance companies on a daily basis.