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Thesis abstracts

Shanthi P M, 2015
Anna University, An empirical validation of metric Suites for open source software, in

Nandhini S, 2015
Anna University, A study on performance enhancement Of multiclass network traffic using Effective queuing models, in

Gautham gopalakrishna, 2015
Anna University, Anthropometric characterization of indian feet, in

Jedsada tipmontian, 2015
Anna University, Risk modelling of agro industrial Supply chains in asian countries, in

Ahmad younis nooraldeen, 2015
Anna University, Nonlinear optical characterization of organic dyes and dye doped polymers, in

Maria wenisch S, 2015
Anna University, Designing of a situation logic for Sustainability modeling of Natural resource, in

Vijayakumari B, 2015
Anna University, Identification of victim in forensic Dentistry from dental images, in