The Cause for Action? Decision Making and Priority Setting in Integrated Care. A Multidisciplinary Approach.

by Katharina Viktoria Stein

Institution: Vienna University of Economics and Business
Year: 2010
Keywords: RVK QX 700; health economics / new forms of serivce delivery / integrated care / decision making / priority setting / health systems reform
Record ID: 1031775
Full text PDF: http://epub.wu.ac.at/2015/1/document.pdf


The expectations of patients have dramatically changed since the introduction of the first public health services more than a decade ago, as have the surrounding conditions a health system has to tackle. The grown health systems of the industrialised countries counter the challenges of an ageing society, technological advancement and chronic disease by a state of constant reform, which has been present for the last few years, without the abolition of the basic principles of affordability, accessibility and solidarity. One solution to answer all these expectations and requirements is so-called "integrated care", a patient-centred model, which propagates better processes, coordination and cooperation between the different service providers and sectors in health care. Based on a comprehensive discussion of the existing theories on health systems analysis, decision making and performance measurement in health as well as the trade-offs emerging therefrom, the first part of this thesis examines the changing conditions and expectations as well as problem areas of organisation and restructuring in health care systems. This analysis serves as a foundation for the introduction of the integrated care concept, an international expert questionnaire on the decision making in integrated care and conclusions on priority setting of decision makers in health. The analysis of the results demonstrates the high value that is placed on a clear political framework and incentives for the promotion of integrated care, as well as the substantive demand for improved communication, coordination and information structures. (author's abstract)