AbstractsGeography &GIS

Land subdivision and agriculture

by Jennifer J. Chant

Institution: University of Western Sydney
Degree: MS
Year: 0
Keywords: land subdivision; rural land use; agriculture; Mudgee (N.S.W.); Wollondilly (N.S.W.); Hawkesbury (N.S.W.)
Record ID: 1041699
Full text PDF: http://handle.uws.edu.au:8081/1959.7/41518


This report outlines research into the impact of subdivision on agriculture, and agricultural land resources, and its regional socio-economic importance. The research was centred on three NSW Local Government Areas(LGAs), two in the western peri-urban fringe of Sydney (Hawkesbury City and Wollondilly Shire), and one in Central Western NSW (Mudgee Shire), where small farms development during the 1970s resulted in considerable subdivision in some Shire areas. Determination of current agricultural land use was central to the research, and was accomplished by a combination of Landsat TM satellite image interpretation for each shire using FarmImage software, validated by extensive ground analysis. 1996 land use was mapped for each LGA in a Geographical Information System(GIS)(MapInfo),and area of each land use category calculated by export of resultant MapInfo files to a spreadsheet (MSExcel).The implications of the research for the future of Agriculture in each LGA are discussed in the context of recent changes in State government policy, urban encroachment and specific industry outlook. Master of Science (Hons)