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Experiential learning as a basis for extension practice with Maltese vegetable growers of western Sydney

by Ashley Senn

Institution: University of Western Sydney
Degree: MS(Hons)
Year: 0
Keywords: experiential learning; Maltese vegetable growers; extension practice; adult learning; soil erosion
Record ID: 1058620
Full text PDF: http://handle.uws.edu.au:8081/1959.7/55


This thesis is primarily concerned with the characteristics and effectiveness of extension and adult learning within a community of Maltese vegetable growers in western Sydney. Extension was practised according to principles of experiential learning theory, action research and andragogy. The recommendation is made that extension agents should concentrate upon experiences that are within the target group's spheres of activity and interest. Kolb's experiential learning theory was found to be applicable to extension in this context. This theory, and similar principles, involve interpretivism, reflection and interaction, all of which were found to be beneficial. It was found to be sufficient for the author to inspire growers with broad concepts, which were then applied by growers to their situations. It is suggested that extension agents concern themselves less with attempts to change clients' attitudes and instead encourage them to trial innovations and draw their own conclusions. Future research should consider characteristics of the internalisation of knowledge and the role of clients' emotional well-being. Guidelines for extension with Maltese vegetable growers of the Sydney region are listed, and many of these are generalisable to other circumstances of extension. Master of Science (Hons) (Systems Agriculture)