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An investigation of the distribution patterns of aquatic vertebrates across four sites in the upper Parramatta river catchment

by Jason Bruce Ross

Institution: University of Western Sydney
Department: Faculty of Science and Technology
Degree: MS(Hons)
Year: 2000
Keywords: freshwater animals; Australia; Sydney (N.S.W.); freshwater fishes; effect of water quality on
Record ID: 1072615
Full text PDF: http://handle.uws.edu.au:8081/1959.7/26017


Freshwater vertebrates were sampled in different waters of the Upper Parramatta River catchment to determine their patterns of distribution with respect to water quality. A total of 730 animals (831 captures)were caught between November 1997 and December 1998. Data was collected on three freshwater turtle species, and four fish species.The abundance of aquatic vertebrates was correlated with physiochemical water quality parameters. The large aquatic vertebrates studied did not correlate with the commonly used parameters for aquatic health. The assumption ANZEEC water quality parameters are the definitive determinant of aquatic health for vertebrates is, therefore, erroneous. Master of Science (Hons)