French Travellers to Scotland, 1780-1830: An Analysis of Some Travel Journals.

by Elizabeth Anne McFarlane

Institution: University of Stirling
Year: 2015
Keywords: travel journals as historical documents; French travellers to Scotland; 1780 to 1830; rural areas, agriculture, industry, transport and towns; Scotland Description and travel; Travel writing History 18th century; Travel writing History 19th century; Travel writing France History; Travel writing Great Britain History
Record ID: 1396164
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1893/21711


This study examines the value of travellers’ written records of their trips with specific reference to the journals of five French travellers who visited Scotland between 1780 and 1830. The thesis argues that they contain material which demonstrates the merit of journals as historical documents. The themes chosen for scrutiny, life in the rural areas, agriculture, industry, transport and towns, are examined and assessed across the journals and against the social, economic and literary scene in France and Scotland. Through the evidence presented in the journals, the thesis explores aspects of the tourist experience of the Enlightenment and post -Enlightenment periods. The viewpoint of knowledgeable French Anglophiles and their receptiveness to Scottish influences, grants a perspective of the position of France in the economic, social and power structure of Europe and the New World vis-à-vis Scotland. The thesis adopts a narrow, focussed analysis of the journals which is compared and contrasted to a broad brush approach adopted in other studies.