Warp Weighted Looms: Then and Now Anglo-Saxon and Viking Archaeological Evidence and Modern Practitioners

by Christina Petty

Institution: University of Manchester
Year: 2014
Keywords: warp weighted loom; re-enactors
Record ID: 1400400
Full text PDF: http://www.manchester.ac.uk/escholar/uk-ac-man-scw:229035


This thesis examines the warp weighted loom during the Anglo-Saxon and Viking eras in England through archaeological, linguistic, and art evidence, supported by similar information about the loom from Northern Continental Europe. Some evidence from other parts of the world where this specific type of loom was used is also included for clarity. In order to further understanding of the possible functioning and abilities of the loom, modern individuals with experience weaving with this early medieval technology were sought out to answer a questionnaire. The analysis of data gathered is supported with evidence from interviews of some of the respondents. The weavers who answered the questionnaire were primarily associated with the living history or re-enactment movements; therefore a history of these movements and their goals is also included. An analysis of the responses to the questionnaire, including thoughts about how these answers might advance academic understanding of the loom, completes the thesis.