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The geology of the Kakahu district, South Canterbury, New Zealand

by P. B. Maling

Institution: University of Canterbury
Department: Geology
Year: 1933
Record ID: 1497891
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10092/7409


The Kakahu district is situated in South Canterbury, some ten miles west of the township of Geraldine. The area here dealt with is bounded to the south and west by the Opihi and Opuha rivers respectively; while to the north it is bounded by a spur of the Four Peaks’ range stretching northwest from Waitohi Hill. To the east the area extends as far as Hilton, where the uppermost tertiary bds dip beneath the gravels of the South Canterbury plains. The Kakahu river is a tributary of the Hae-HaeTe Moana which rises on the Four Peaks’ range and flows in a south-easterly direction, joining the Opihi river shortly before the latter reaches the sea. The area dealt with covers practically the whole of the watershed of the Kakahu river. The district is readily accessible, being reached by good roads from Geraldine, Temuka, Pleasant Point, Raincliff and Fairlie.