Stories of self-care: lessons learned and shared

by Carla Jane Petker

Institution: University of Alberta
Department: Educational Psychology
Degree: MEd
Year: 2009
Keywords: self-care; qualitative; counselling; psychology; narrative
Record ID: 1839817
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/10048/473


The purpose of this study was to deepen our understanding of effective counsellor self-care practices. Narrative Inquiry informed the study from participant selection to data analysis. Separate conversations were held with three female psychologists and from the analysis of their interviews several lessons emerged from their experiences that have fostered their journey of self-care in maintaining long and healthy careers. These lessons were: (1) Balance, (2) Boundaries, (3) Relationships, (4) Recreation, (5) Priorities, (6) Opportunities, (7) Self-Awareness and (8) Work as Self-Care. Each participant recognized the ethical importance of self-care and difficulties of and defining moments in self-care were also discussed. Researcher response outlines the self-care lessons shared and learned and the implications for clinical practice and future research.