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Understanding the complex needs of Aboriginal children and youth with FASD in BC

by Shahdin Farsai

Institution: Simon Fraser University
Year: 2010
Record ID: 1866449
Full text PDF: http://summit.sfu.ca/item/9986


FASD is a public health priority in health planning in BC. This study aims to uncover what policies best enable the Aboriginal child and youth population to receive timely assessments and diagnoses, and wrap around programs and services from childhood onto adulthood in a culturally safe manner. Twenty-seven key informants and parents participated in qualitative interviews and three Elders participated in one focus group. The results revealed five main challenges with respect to status quo policy on FASD; inconsistent assessments and diagnoses, challenges within the education system, inadequate adult services, unequal distribution of resources among foster, adoptive, and birth parents, and continuing healing among Aboriginal communities from intergenerational trauma. The results of this study along with literature review informed the development of policy recommendations for addressing these key issues. The project recommends adult assessments and diagnoses, FASD education campaigns on and off reserves, and adult day programs.