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A Modern Aesthetic Reevaluation of Literacy

by Jeffrey A. Basile

Institution: Youngstown State University
Department: Department of English
Degree: MAin English
Year: 2014
Keywords: Educational Technology; Language Arts; Literacy; Literature; Literacy; New Media; Aesthetic Literacy; Visual Literature
Record ID: 2032284
Full text PDF: http://rave.ohiolink.edu/etdc/view?acc_num=ysu1418303891


A social change is happening, and as this change progresses so does literacy. This change is an aesthetic reshaping of what it is we read, how we tell stories, how we learn, how we analyze information, and how we write. The days of words and physical pages are dwindling. Pictures, digital representations, integrated technology, reinterpretations; all of these things, and others, are evolving into a modern definition of literacy that now includes all of the above, which is transforming not only our definition of literacy, but also what we might legitimately call literature, making, by the same effect what anyone can coin "literacy" something wholly new. With the introduction of these new literatures a new term, New Media , takes their place for the remainder of this argument, encompassing all of the mediated literatures that are foregrounding the change in what it is we call "literate".