A web-based supplement to support mechanical engineering student's introduction to design and prototyping in a shop environment.

by Alexandra (Alexandra Taylor

Institution: MIT
Department: Department of Mechanical Engineering
Year: 2014
Keywords: Mechanical Engineering.
Record ID: 2042928
Full text PDF: http://hdl.handle.net/1721.1/92209


The first step out of the lecture hall and into the machine shop is an eye opening period for engineering students. This exciting yet sometime intimidating experience happens for undergraduate mechanical engineers in 2.007 at MIT, Manufacturing and Design I. This experience holds an essential place in the curriculum as a class to build familiarity using the machine shop and creating self-confidence in the young students as engineers. As friendly and open as the mentors are, communication gaps are still found when students nod their heads, too embarrassed to ask another question in this completely foreign environment. Therefore, an interactive learning tool was developed to supplement 2.007 curriculum and provide another confidence building resource. The website design was chosen to give students a learning outlet in the comfort of their typical study space. Using this medium also allowed the opportunity to learn website design including, but not limited to, setting up a server, and coding html and php. With time, this project could be expanded to cover the majority of resources available in the Pappalardo Lab.