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Exhuming the Rindskopf reparameterization: a comparison of three alternatives to the analysis of MTMM data

by Yi Fan

Institution: University of Georgia
Year: 2015
Keywords: Multitrait-Multimethod
Posted: 02/05/2017
Record ID: 2078196
Full text PDF: http://purl.galileo.usg.edu/uga_etd/fan_yi_201508_ms


This study evaluated a neglected parameterization approach by Rindskof (1984) and its application to analyzing Multitrait-Multimethod (MTMM) data. Through taking analyses on a Monte Carlo simulation study and a large review of MTMM studies, I examined the Rindskopf raparameterization model (CTCM-R model) and compared its performance with the other two widely applied CFA-MTMM models, namely, the correlated trait-correlated method model (CTCM) and the correlated trait-correlated uniqueness model (CTCU), in regards to their convergence, admissibility, model fit, and parameter estimation biases. Results from analyzing both simulated MTMM data and previous published MTMM data showed that the CTCM-R model serves as a favorable alternative approach to MTMM studies. Advisors/Committee Members: Nathan Carter.